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Delta-Homes Browser Hijacker

Delta-Homes is a browser hijacker that changes the homepage and the default search provider of your internet browser. Delta-Homes itself does not steal your credit card information or your logins. It is dangerous because, after forcing itself as your default search engine, it might lead you to web sites that contain various different kinds of threats. Thus it is highly recommended to remove Delta-Homes search provider from your system.

Delta-Homes is a new parasite in the series of similar browser hijackers such as Qone8.com, qvo6.com, nationzoom.com, PortaldoSites and others. It may be directly related to these, as it is probably made by the same group of criminals. Delta-Homes infects computers in the usual ways – it might either come through freeware that people download, or through an email attachment, etc. It downloads and installs itself automatically, without your knowledge.

Delta-Homes removal
Delta-Homes browser hijacker

As with the other browser hijackers, in addition to giving you unreliable search results, it might also collect information about your browsing sessions, which is later used to generate ads that appear as annoying pop-ups. Clicking on them might also be dangerous. The Delta-Homes search engine handily displays quick links to Facebook, Youtube, Walmart, Linkedln and other popular sites, however they also might lead you to places that you did not intend to go to. Experts have also discovered that Delta-Homes uses google and other well known search engines to give you search results, which is suspicious in and of itself, as it is unclear why would a search provider do that.

As the search engine itself does not appear to be harmful, a lot of users who haven’t heard of this type of malware continue to use it, bringing irreversible damage to their systems. Thus it is highly recommended that you remove Delta-Homes from your browser without any procrastination. You can try to get rid of the browser hijacker manually; however this method might not eliminate all the other parasites that you may have caught through Delta-Homes. This is why if you want to be completely sure that your computer is clean, you should also use a legitimate anti-malware tool such as Spyhunter to perform a quick scan of your computer. You can find instructions on how to perform the manual removal below.


How to remove Delta-Homes from your browser:

Internet explorer:

  1.  Load the browser.
  2.  Press Alt+X and select Internet Options.
  3.  Open Advanced, click Reset.
  4.  Select Delete personal settings, click Reset again.
  5.  After the reset is complete, click Close.
Mozilla Firefox:

  1.  Load the browser.
  2. Press Alt+T and select Internet Options.
  3. Under the General tab, delete the URL in the Home Page box.
  4.  Click OK.

Google Chrome:

  1.  Load the browser.
  2. Press Alt+X and select Settings.
  3.  Under On startup mark Open a specific set of pages.
  4.  Click Set pages, delete the URL and click OK.
  5.  Under Appearance mark Show Home button and click Change next to New Tab page.
  6.  Mark Use the New Tab page or change the given URL into your desired one.
  7.  Click OK.

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